MTM and Ergonomics

ConderentieThe Conference of 2017 (May 18) took place in Netherlands.

This time we were guest at VDL Bus and Coach.

We can look back at another successful MTM Benelux Conference, on May 18, 2017. At least, that is the conclusion after positive reactions at the end. Also, participants confirmed it once more per mail. This year, 2 speakers gave their point of view, instead of 3. This created more time and the possibility to make it more profound.

The newly installed CEO,

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MTM in logistic areas

ConderenceThe Conference of 2016 (April 26) took place in the Netherlands.

Despite of the “spring holiday” and Kings Day the day after, there was a fair participation.  The host Vanderlande was a good host and is interesting as a company as well. Vanderlande is a very sophisticated and worldwide well known supplier of airport baggage systems and logistics automation. The Managing Director Systems of

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Opportunities Industrial Benelux

ConderenceThe Conference of 2015 (22nd of April) took place in a beautiful conference room at the University in the city of Luxembourg. Despite the large distance for some participants, the room was well filled. The comments about the lectures were very positive. The MTM related topics and speakers were:
Lean methods in manufacturing engineering education and research [including VSM] (Prof. Dr. Peter Plapper, University Luxemburg); Process language for industrial excellence (Dr. Hans Fischer (IMD); Manufacturing Industry in Belgium (Research) Opportunities [including Flanders MAKE] (Prof. Dr. Veronique Limére (University Ghent); and People at the heart of the system [including EAWS] (Dr. Ing. Guillaume Lachevre).
Also the guided tour was well received by the participants well. Mainly laser welding for various types of material and a robot that follows the human movements and “takes these into account”.

Industrial Engineering 2020

Conderentie MTM-Benelux Conference 2014/04/24, at Robert Bosch in Tienen (B)
Nearly 50 participants visited the First conference of the MTM Benelux as Chapter. They listened interested to:
Dr. Knut Kille (German MTM Association):
“Human Work Design –the Future of MTM”.
Gino Quenis (Manager Bosch Production System”& Improvement):
“MTM and Bosch Production System”.
Professor Dr. Peter Plapper (Director of the Institute of production Engineering and Machine Tools University of Luxemburg):
“Manufacturing Engineering in Luxemburg”.
Beside it they enjoyed the screen wiper factory guided tour. Some picture impressions: