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Increase your knowledge of defining work methods, work processes and their associated time standards. These can be used, for example, for: idea development, planning, costing, determining capacity. In piece rate work, MTM is the fairest system, because the MTM performance rate is always the same. The MTM methods are an excellent addition to quantify e.g. Lean and Kaizen..

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MTM-1 BaseThe course in MTM-1 Base provides basic knowledge and skills in applying MTM-1, and explains the importance of using the individual MTM process building block systems.
MTM 2nd weekThe course in MTM-1 2nd week provides a deepening of knowledge and skills in the application of MTM-1. Applying basic motions correctly in the MTM-1 building block system.
MTM-HWD®As a building block system, MTM-Human Work Design provides a standardised process description for both methodical and biomechanical evaluation of work processes. Human Work Design focuses on the process type of large-scale manufacturing and uses the ergonomic assessment tools.
MTM-2 For production between mass and serial production, the work is decomposed into motion sequences, based on the method to be chosen. A time is linked to each sequence of motions and the associated influence factor. The MTM-2 process building block system.
Standard DataThe course in MTM-SD includes knowledge of the content and structures of the MTM-SD building block system and trains the skills required for its practical application. For production between mass and series production.
MTM-UAS MTM-UAS training provides knowledge of the contents and structures of the MTM-UAS process building block system for series production, consisting of the MTM-UAS basic operations and the MTM-UAS standard operations, and trains the skills required for their practical application.
MTM-MEK Training in single piece and small series production, provides knowledge of the contents and structures of the MTM-MEK building block system, consisting of the MTM-MEK basic operations and the MTM-MEK standard operations, as well as the skills required to apply the system.
MTM-Logistics The participant can independently structure, plan and design a logistics process by applying MTM Logistics. The basis for method improvements and for setting time standards for logistics processes.
ProKon With ProKon, the assembly sequence of parts or assembly groups of a product is described. Influencing factors are defined on a constructional basis, as assembly barriers and assigned a score. This score gives a rating of the assembly quality, with a view to suitability for assembly.
EAWS The training provides basic knowledge on load assessment with EAWS – both for existing and planned work systems. EAWS enables an efficient ergonomic risk assessment based on standardised rules. EAWS is characterised by its comprehensive assessment of physical demands on the entire body and upper extremities.
MTM-Practitioner The MTM Practitioner training provides the participant with the knowledge and practical skills required to apply MTM process building blocks for planning, designing and optimising business processes and work systems. For this purpose, the participant must have gained practical experience in the application of the respective MTM process building block systems. The result should be the description and evaluation of work processes, by analysing errors or deviations in the individual operator’s working methods from the defined work method, or by uncovering improvement potential.
ISO 22468Follows, this course is currently being developed.
Refresher courseEach participant is brought up to date with the latest developments in the MTM method(s) used. In addition, the most necessary parts of the course are repeated. This refresher course is concluded with a test for each method to be extended. If the test is passed, a new blue card is issued, which is valid for three years.

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