Public MTM-courses

Events: Public MTM-training planning Only if more than 8 participants register can we organise a public MTM course. This will then be at a central point, seen from the participants’ locations.
Do not hesitate to fill in a course request on the contact page. We keep track of all registrations so that we can respond quickly.


CourseStart dateEnd date
MTM-1 – Basic
2nd week
29 January
05 January
02 January
09 January
Refresher course(s) *)11 March15 March
MTM-UAS15 April19 April
ProKon13 May14 May
MTM-210 June14 June
MTM-MEK09 September13 September
MTM-Logistics07 October11 October
EAWS (ergonomics)04 November08 November
Blue card09 December13 December
*) Mudule dependent


CoursStart dateEnd date
MTM-1 – Basic
2nd week
07 January
03 February
31 January
07 February
Refresher course(s) *)10 March14 March
MTM-UAS14 April18 April
ProKon12 May13 May
MTM-209 June13 June
MTM-MEK08 September12 September
MTM-Logistics07 October09 October
EAWS (ergonomics)03 November07 November
Blue card08 December12 December
*) Mudule dependent