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Welcome to the MTM Association Benelux

The partner for designing efficient processes in production and logistics, in service and office. MTM is a tool for describing, structuring, designing and planning work systems using defined process building blocks.

Methods-Time Measurement (MTM) saves costs

  • by improving working methods
  • with better preproduction costing
  • through better relations in the organisation

Methods-Time Measurement is

MTM is a work measurement system that does not require a stopwatch or time study (time and movement) and eliminates the
need for pace evaluation. When used on its own, or with Lean or Six Sigma, it is a powerful system for process design, tool design and layout design. It is also used for process improvement, productivity improvement, work planning and OEE calculations.

See below the nice introduction film of our American MTM sister association. Of course, you can contact us for more information.

Methods-Time Measurement (MTM) is the best known of all Predetermined Motion Time Systems (PMTS). The system was developed in the U.S. and since its publication in 1948, it is now used worldwide.

MTM Association Benelux

For more information: The MTM associations in Belgium and the Netherlands, founded in 1952, merged in 2000. As MTM-Association Benelux it, like all other national associations, strives to maintain the professional standards for training and research. In line with the vision of MTM founder Mike Maynard. He was also the creator of the expression “MTM – First Time Right”!

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