MTM course tariffs list

Training tariffs public trainings 2023


Administration costs € 45,- per registration
Training material and initial examination fees are included.
A charge of €200,- (2023) will be made for each re-examination or additional exam.

MTM-1 base € 1600,-5 days
MTM-1 seccond 2 € 800,-5 days
MTM-2 € 1600,-5 days
MTM-UAS € 1600,-5 days
MTM-MEK € 1600,-5 days
MTM-Logisitcs (MTM-UAS diploma required) € 800,-3 days
MTM-Logisitcs (incl. MTM-UAS) € 1600,-5 days
MTM-EAWS € 1600,-5 days
MTM-Practitioner € 1600,-5 days
MTM-ProKon € 800,-2 days
MTM-refresher course(s) € 1100,-2 days per system
Tariffs MTM courses in the Benelux countries.

In house training

Of course we also provide courses at a desired location. Completely according to the MTM training structure. Arguments for this structure:

  • courses are offered and instructed in an international uniform way
  • full certificates
  • integration into practical training
  • central registration of participation and certification
  • all training is given by certified instructors

Feel free to ask for an quotation.