Research Project “StreaM” (Luxemburg)

Research Project “StreaM” (University of Luxemburg)

The University of Luxemburg started in September 2014 a research project dealing with Value Stream Management in cooperation i.a. with the company EURO-COMPOSITES S.A. and the MTM-Chapter Benelux. The acronym “StreaM” stands for “Standardized cross-enterprise Value Stream Management Method”. The research project is carried out as a dissertation at the host institution, the University of Luxemburg.

The goal of the research project “StreaM” is a standardized VSM (Value Stream Management) Method as a European or International standard. This implies various advantages:

  • Unified process language across company boundaries
  • Clear and efficient way to prepare and present a Value Stream Analysis
  • Optimized planning procedures between client and supplying companies
  • Efficient and cost-effective production due to a common information exchange
  • IT-support

Supporting Institutions
The Government of Luxembourg promotes the project via the “Fonds National de la Recherche” (FNR).  The research project “StreaM“ is also supported by various organizations, e.g. ILNAS (Institut Luxembourgeois de la normalisation), the German MTM-Association as well as the Ministry of economics  and the Ministry for higher education and research in Luxembourg.

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