MTM and Innovation

ConferenceIn 2018, we were as MTM Association Benelux 3 May guest of an interesting company again. At a beautiful location of Nike in Ham (BE), also. In the LITC Building (lectures) and in the warehouse (guided tour) of Nike we had a hospitable treat.

Of course, the first reading was about

Nike’s development. The why Nike was founded and how the developments took place world-wide. Of course, the Belgian location was widely discussed in the presentation of Mr. Niki Paumen, area manager at Nike ELC.
Then, Jos Valkenburg told about the development of the MTM Association within the Benelux. The genesis, the incredible growth in the 60-er years and some facts of the past. Vertaling in het Engels. The current situation was explained briefly. (far fewer members, but advanced course possibilities). To complete the story, a future perspective followed.
The last presentation was made by Mr. Walter Vink, of Vink Video Analysis. As Nike, his activity has also arisen in the sport: football team analyses. As with football, elements are cut up and provided with codes. This way, value and not value adding activities are presented quickly and in detail. In short, an ideal basis to improve processes. MTM can define the standard setting in a focused and efficient way.
Keywords: spaghetti diagram, activity sampling, green-red analysis, standardization, standard time, bottle neck

Presentation Impressions: