MTM and Ergonomics

ConderentieThe Conference of 2017 (May 18) took place in Netherlands.

This time we were guest at VDL Bus and Coach.

We can look back at another successful MTM Benelux Conference, on May 18, 2017. At least, that is the conclusion after positive reactions at the end. Also, participants confirmed it once more per mail. This year, 2 speakers gave their point of view, instead of 3. This created more time and the possibility to make it more profound.

The newly installed CEO,

Mr. Coppens was the first speaker. His presentation was about the approach of improving a complete organisation, based on the “party hat”, appealed a lot. In particular its simplicity.

The factory tour thereafter, is experienced as very interesting. Filling out a potential improvement form by the participants, was a nice gesture of and to the host. With enthusiasm, the proposals were worked through by 3 VDL-employees. One of the participants was even rewarded with a goody bag for the best contribution.

The second speaker, Mr. Finsterbusch began with the ergonomic methods, developed by MTM (also). First, he spoke about EAWS, the Ergonomic Assement WorkSheet. Then he got into the subject of the last development: MTM-HWD©. An MTM-1 based system, but added with a software-based approach, resulting in two results: the standard time and its matching ergonomic results.

Before, during and after de speeches, there was plenty of time to network. Which was used well of course. Times flies by at such an afternoon meeting, but you become more experienced.