MTM membership

Benefits of membership

  • Member discount on the use of services (such as printing publications and conferences) of the MTM Association Benelux.
  • Participation in exchanges of experience in various MTM subject-groups. Company member get faster access to the best practice examples.
  • Free or with discount to lectures or MTM events.
  • Flag, banner or billboard in/at conference possible.
  • Free of charge access to a competence network, such as uniform management of “control of time” with a worldwide standard.
  • Coordination of training and retraining of employees according to specific business needs.
  • Direct access to new MTM products and the most modern methods of designing the work system.
  • Support in creating an entrepreneur-specific classification framework for design principles, methods and tools, which guarantee a sustainable productivity gain.

MTM-membership service
Yearly during the conference, the “MTM Association Benelux” attracts a number of members and interested parties for an exchange of experience – the members’ meeting integrated in this congress determines the rules and thus the development and future vision of the association.

Statutory tasks are:

  • Uniform and appropriate qualification
  • Research and development
  • Promotion of a broad application of MTM

The information will be exerted at conventions, conferences, private printing, and specialized articles and through exchange of experiences among the members.

Become a member

Under the button “contact“,” you can indicate that you want to become a member. Likewise, you can download the form (below).