plus Services

Services with a big S.

Offer in addition to our course package:

Downloads of analysis forms for creating the
known and reliable MTM standard time analyses.

Conferences. Once a year we organize a conference in a Benelux country. In addition to networking, it is always interesting to have a look at part of the host’s processes, of course based on our MTM productivity management system.

Audit. Have your current analyses audited, that you know if they are satisfactory. Not only the topicality, but also the correct application is highlighted. The better the analysis, the better the insight in the real costs.

Software. Support programmes for making and searching in analyses. This gives the opportunity to build up a good structure. In addition to various options, such as branches, the search function of Ticon© is a fixed and optional feature.

Research projects. Projects to improve and additioning MTM methods. In addition to the strong analysis methods such as MTM-1, UAS and MEK, we continue to develop new methods and systems that fit in with MTM methodologies.