Opportunities Industrial Benelux

ConderenceThe Conference of 2015 (22nd of April) took place in a beautiful conference room at the University in the city of Luxembourg. Despite the large distance for some participants, the room was well filled. The comments about the lectures were very positive. The MTM related topics and speakers were:
Lean methods in manufacturing engineering education and research [including VSM] (Prof. Dr. Peter Plapper, University Luxemburg); Process language for industrial excellence (Dr. Hans Fischer (IMD); Manufacturing Industry in Belgium (Research) Opportunities [including Flanders MAKE] (Prof. Dr. Veronique Limére (University Ghent); and People at the heart of the system [including EAWS] (Dr. Ing. Guillaume Lachevre).
Also the guided tour was well received by the participants well. Mainly laser welding for various types of material and a robot that follows the human movements and “takes these into account”.