The international Blue card

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The International Blue Card

The holder of this card can prove their ability to use the MTM-discipline anywhere in the world. International Employers and Unions can use this as proof of the holder’s ability to use MTM correctly.

Blue Card Criteria

  • The holder needs to be educated by a recognised MTM Association.
  • The holder will need to have passed a recognised MTM Discipline within least 12 months and will need to submit evidence in the form of a video with analysis of at least

MTM 1  1500 TMU’s,
MTM 2  3000 TMU’s
UAS      4000 TMU’s
MEK     7000 TMU’s
There can be little or no process time and no repeated sequences.

In addition, there can be chosen for a practical solution in the form of a 3-day training, in which the organisation will have benefits too. Coaching on the job creates a win-win-situation by implementing a current and improved situation analysis.

  • The Blue Card is valid for a 3-year duration.
  • The Blue Card is FREE to UK MTM Members as long as requirements are met within 6 to 12 months after examination.
  • To reapply for a new Blue Card the same criteria apply to any video analysis with an additional theory test. To be presented during the refresher course.
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