Evaluating. Designing. Implementing.

The MTM Practitioner is the expert in the company for the application of MTM. He mastered

  • the recognition and evaluation of improvement potentials,
  • the planning and implementation of design and improvement projects and
  • ergonomic and economical work design.

The MTM-practitioner guarantees the correct application of MTM. He is the contact person for works council, employees and managers to design the MTM application in the company .

The “blue card” (MTM)

The certified training courses to become an MTM practitioner finish with the “Blue Card”, (MTM) the internationally recognised certificate of competence for the practical application of the MTM method in planning and improving processes and work systems.

  • valid for 3 years g
  • recognised by the social partners, and
  • anchored in numerous company agreements

Renewal of the ” blue card ” (MTM):
To ensure the skills and knowledge of the MTM-practitioner, regular review is required (at least every 3 years).

TTraining to become an MTM-Practioner

MTM-1 Base (E-Learning or classroom)

MTM-1 Base teaches the basics of work design with MTM, It gives knowledge and skill for the ergonomic and economic design of human work based on basic movements of the hand-arm system, the eyes and the entire body as well as the basics of method planning and standard time determination – based on the MTM-standard performance.

Duration: 5 days (flexible e-learning time, with comparable effort)


Additional MTM process building block system

The MTM-practitioner acquires knowledge and skill for the efficient operational application of at least one further MTM process building block system :

  • MTM-1: for mass production
  • MTM-SD (standard data): for bulk production
  • MTM-UAS ( Universal Analysis System): for series production
  • MTM-MEK (MTM for single piece and small series production): for small series production
  • Operational process building block systems

Duration: 5 days



The MTM-practitioner learns the MTM application practice, knowledge and skills for potential identification, work design and data determination, as well as for project planning and implementation .

In public or in-company training, MTM is used in real workplaces. Internally, the MTM Association Benelux offers “Coaching on the job”, in which an MTM instructor supervises the development of an operational design project.
Duration 5 days

After a successful completion of these certified training courses, the participant receives the “Blue Card” (MTM) with a validity of 3 years.

International standard level "blue card".

Operational tasks of the MTM-practioner:

MTM application in accordance with the rules and expertise for the MTM application  …. based on the worldwide recognised MTM-standard performance!

  • Organisation of improvement workshops and implementation support
  • Allocation of work and determination of personnel requirements
  • Method planning and work instruction
  • Process planning and workplace design
  • Planning times determination & processing of time complaints
  • Regelconforme MTM-toepassing en expertise voor de MTM-toepassing
    …. op basis van de wereldwijd erkende MTM-standaardprestatie!

Training ascent

5 days

Training planning

See events calendar for dates of the course.

Training fee

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