MTM-UAS training

MTM-UAS-TRAINING (Universal Analyzing System)

MTM-UAS is a Predetermined Motion Time System (PMTS). This means that each basic motion, depending on influence factors, is provided with a predetermined standard time. This is generally applicable in every sector where human labour is performed, in series production.

For who / admission requirements
Everyone who is working in the manufacturing industry, particularly serial production and those who interface with working methods, work processes, standards times and planning.
MTM is a perfect addition to Lean, Kaizen and Value Stream Mapping (VSM).
The admission requirement for this UAS course is MTM-1.

For serial production, the work is divided into basic operations, based on the method to be chosen. To each basic movement and its influence factor, is a time standard allocated. Get and place, handle tool, operate, motions cycles and visual control are basic operations. In addition, a hierarchy level higher, the process building blocks for standard processes are proposed. In short, these are summaries of common analyses based on the basic process level. Both levels will be practiced with exercises and films.

Objective and result
The participant can structure, plan, and design work processes independently by using MTM-UAS. The basis to improve methods and to establish effective the operation times during the development phase of products and tools.
Each participant concludes with an exam. The diploma is internationally recognised.

If enough participants are registered for a public training, a venue as central as possible will be chosen. In addition, the course will be provided internally at companies. Would you like to know more? Please fill in the contact form. Afterwards we will contact you.

Training ascent
5 Days

Training planning
See events calendar for dates of the training.

Training fee
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TIP: For the course bring a counting machine, pencil and eraser.

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