MTM Refresher course

MTM-refresher training

For who / admission requirements
Anyone who obtained their MTM diplomas or attended a refresher course, three years ago. This applies to all courses: MTM-1, MTM-SD, MTM-2, MTM-UAS, MTM-MEK and MTM-Logistics.

FEach participant will be updated in terms of the latest developments, for their used MTM method(s). In addition, the course components that are most necessary are repeated. With subsequent exercises the participant will be calibrated.

Objective and result
The quality of the MTM application within the organisation has a major influence on the dissemination of the MTM methods. MTM therefore attaches great importance to maintaining the quality of the applied skills. It is everyone’s interest that the participants apply the methods correctly, for correct standard times, capacity determination and productivity.

This refresher course is concluded with a test for each method to be extended. If it is concluded positively, a (new) green pass is issued, which is valid for three years.

Public courses are only provided if there is enough participation. If yes, the most central location possible will be sought. In addition, the course can be provided internally at companies too. Would you like to know more? Please fill in the contact form, so that we can contact you.

Training ascent
Depending on the number of MTM-building block systems, 2 or 3 days.

Training planning
See events calendar for dates of the training.

Participants task
A month before the start of the course, each student sends his own analysis of each method to be extended (scan or pdf) to
MTM 1    1500 TMU’s,
MTM 2    3000 TMU’s
UAS         4000 TMU’s
MEK        7000 TMU’s
Minimum repetitions, minimum process times. Otherwise, raise the TMU bar.
Each participant is given approx. 20 minutes to present it.

Training fee
Klick here 

TIP: Take to the training a counting machine, pencil and eraser with you.

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