MTM-ProKon (Production orientated Construction / product design)

ProKon is a method to analyse the assembly orientation of products and parts during the product development phase. The analysis provides constructive starting points to an assembly-oriented product development.

For who / admission requirements
Developers and constructors, as well as Industrial Engineers.
MTM prior knowledge is useful, but not necessary.

ProKon describes the assembly sequence of parts or assemblies of a product. Influence factors are defined on a construction basis, as mounting obstacles and given a score. The sum of individual scores for a complete product makes it possible to make a statement about the assembly quality, with a view to suitability for assembly. Based on standardised product examples from practice, the whole rules of ProKon converted.

Objective and result
The participant is able to independently, at the earliest possible stage of product development, assembly obstacles. It works pulse increasing, promotes the communication and prevents production modifications afterwards, including its associated cost.
To promote the practice orientation, participants are requested to bring their own products (model) or construction examples.
The participants receive the ProKon analysis sheet, as Excel file, which is used for this course. Therefore, it is useful to bring a laptop or tablet.
Each participant concludes with an exam.

If enough participants are registered for a public training, a venue as central as possible will be chosen. In addition, the course will be provided internally at companies. Would you like to know more? Please fill in the contact form. Afterwards we will contact you.

Training ascent
2 Days

Training planning
See events calendar for dates of the training.

Training fee
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TIP: Bring a laptop or tablet, counting machine, pencil and eraser with you for the course.

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