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MTM-Logistics COURSE

Logistics is a Predetermined Motion Time System (PMTS). This means that each basic operation, depending on the influence factors, a predetermined standard time is provided. This is due to its generality, applicable in any sector where human labour is performed, with or without logistics vehicles and/or tools. Based on MTM-UAS and specially designed for the rapid analysis of manual operations in the logistics industry sector.

For who / admission requirements
Everyone who works, or is involved in logistic processes by standards times, planning, layout, design and optimisation.
It is advised to have followed at least one MTM building block system in addition to MTM-1, like MTM-2, SD, MEK or UAS. MTM-UAS is preferred in this case.

By exercises and cases, the participant learns the MTM data concept logistics on the one hand. Following the rules-compliant application for method and time determination of means of transport and handling. Means of transport such as forklifts, hand pallet trucks and handcarts for order picking. Handling includes unpacking, packaging and information processing. The use of cranes is also included in this manual and data cards.

On the other hand, a basis for storage and transport technology is given. This includes storage systems, order picking and transport aids. In addition, we work with practical aids such as the transport table and Sankey diagram, for designing layouts. In short, a good basis to improve logistics processes in the production and storage environment.

Objective and result
The participant can structure, plan and design logistical processes independently, by using MTM-Logistics. The basis for method improvements and standard times for logistics processes. The participant then has access to specific logistical tools and working methods, linked to the MTM method, which can be applied in practice (project-based).
Every participant concludes with an exam.

If enough participants are registered for a public training, a venue as central as possible will be chosen. In addition, the course will be provided internally at companies. Would you like to know more? Please fill in the contact form. Afterwards we will contact you.

Training ascent
5 Days

Training planning
See event calendar for training dates.

Training fee
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TIP: For the course bring a counting machine, pencil and eraser.

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