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Balance work - welfareMethods-Time Measurement

The Methods-Time Measurement is a method for the analyses of work processes (human labour). These working (time) study technique is in the “systems based on predefined times” (PMTS), also known as predetermined times.

Originally the American Frank Bunker Gilbreth was concerned with the theme of human motion processes around 1910. Later, this has resulted in MTM. In the Netherlands was the first course in 1950.

Why MTM?

  • Since 1948 successfully applied,
  • Estimating the performance index is not necessary, so that can be fully focused on the optimal method,
  • MTM in the developement stage can be applied, so that costs be avoided,
  • Capacity evaluation, calculation of cost prices, calculate ideas, and so on.

Which organisations are using MTM?
Nedcar, Xerox, Audi group, Flextronics, Johnson Controls, IAC, SAS and VanDerLande.

© 2018 MTM Association Benelux